Learning Resource Material (LRM) Training

The joint development of a Learning Resource Material (LRM) for climate change in a form of flash cards is a collaborative effort of the Association of United Filipinos Trained in Germany (AUFTRAG), Philippines and Climate Leadership Alumni Network (CLeAN), Indonesia with stakeholders from the private, lead education agencies and civil society sectors in both countries. The project was conceived as a response to both the Philippines and Indonesia’s government education agencies’ need to acquire more learning resource materials on Climate Change and its related topics, which teachers and students can use as reference materials in various subject disciplines The LRMs are only platforms where we can change topics upon requests by the schools or the department of education agencies. Both the Philippine’s Department of Education (DepED) and the Indonesian Ministry of National Education welcome the support provided by private institutions in its goal to provide more learning materials for teachers and students.

This project is also an expansion of a current initiative implemented by the Coalition for Better Education (CBE) under the auspices of One Meralco Foundation (OMF) and in collaboration with the Philippine Department of Education. The Energy LRMs are now being distributed to 1,000 schools in the Philippines, with on-going training programs for teachers on the use of the LRMs, development of contextualized learning content and monitoring its impacts to the teachers and students.

While the CBE project focuses on LRM development on Energy and its related topics, this project will promote the basic concepts and principles of climate change to schools, under grades 4 to 10 levels (aged 9 to 15). It is also aimed at bringing a heightened consciousness about climate change adaptation and provides opportunities for school heads, teachers, students, parents and community to formulate sound decisions about their environment.  The proposed  eight (8) partner schools are: Indonesia -  Smart school Al Hamiidiyah, Smart Ekselensia School, Avicenna School, Insan Cendekia School and in the Philippines - City Central School, South City Central School, Cagayan De Oro National High School and Bulua National High School.

Both alumni associations have technical expertise and experiences in developing educational materials, conducting teachers training and are knowledgeable on environmental topics which are important inputs to the success of the development and implementation of the LRMs. Results of this project will be shared with other alumni and alumni networks through the Alumni Portal Deutschland.

This project is the first collaborative effort by 2 members of the Southeast Asia Green Network (SEAG-N) – AUFTRAG and CLeAN. With its success, it can be replicated or adapted by the two other member networks in Cambodia and Vietnam.